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Moving Checklist

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Move Scheduling


    • Schedule and participate in an in-home estimate. Ask questions and be as detailed as possible so we can identify your specific needs.


    • Schedule your move 3-4 weeks prior to moving day.


    • Reserve freight elevator if required by your building


    • Immediately communicate schedule changes.


    • Confirm your moving reservation two days prior to pick-up.


30 Days Prior To Moving


    • Don't move things that you don't want. Sell as many as you can with a garage sale or advertise online. Donate what's left to charities, such as the Salvation Army, Goodwill Industries or Amvets. If you donate items to a charity, be sure to get a receipt for a tax deduction.


    • Submit a change of address form to the Unites States Postal Service. Notify friends, family and employers of your new address.


    • Fill out an IRS change of address form. Depending on the reason for your move and the distance you're moving, many of the expenses may be tax deductible.


    • Get copies of your medical and dental records, if moving long distance.


    • If you're moving out of state, find out about auto licensing and insurance.


    • If you're moving in-state, find out where and how to change your address on your driver's license.


    • Notify your kids' schools and have their records transferred to their new schools.


    • Return any cable or internet equipment.


8 To 14 Days Before You Move


    • Collect all the items you may have loaned out.


    • Return library books or any other borrowed items.


    • Make arrangements to disconnect gas, electric and other utilities. Remember to collect refunds of your deposits from electric, water, telephone, cable, and oil and gas companies.


    • Make arrangements to connect utilities at your new place.


2 To 7 Days Before You Move


    • Get rid of all flammables.


    • Decide what you're bringing with you in the car.


    • Arrange for removal of "installed items" you're bringing with you, like a wall-mounted television or shelves.


    • Pack a suitcase with the clothes, medications and toiletries you'll need the first day in your new home.


    • Empty, defrost and clean your refrigerator. Make sure it has at least 2-3 days to air dry.


The Day Before Moving Day


    • Take down curtains and curtain rods.


    • Collect all keys to locking items. Put them in a safe place.


    • Plan your breakfast. Paper plate service is fine. Eating something on the road is better.


    • Pack your personal belongings except your alarm clock.


    • Go to sleep early you'll be glad of it tomorrow.


Moving Day


    • Move vehicles from your garage and driveway prior to our arrival. We want to get started quickly.


    • Strip the beds but leave them intact. We will dismantle them.


    • Secure pets.


    • Walk around with our crew chief and detail all items to be moved.


    • Make sure the driver has the correct delivery address and your mobile phone number.


    • Confirm the expected delivery time with the driver.


  • Before the movers leave, do a final walk through of every room. Check all closets and cabinets for items left behind.

Clinton, MD to Charleston, WV

It was definitely a positive experience. First of all, they showed up right on time. They were there within five minutes of the time they told me. They came in, packed everything up, put it in the truck, and then they followed me down to West Virginia. They took everything out of the truck, brought it in, and moved it to wherever I wanted to put it. I even had things already in the house, like bedrooms that were already placed, and they moved the bedrooms around. I was very happy with their service. The workers were very polite and courteous, and they didn't stop for a break--they went all the way through the job. They're an A.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


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