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Why Moving Boxes Make Great Halloween Costumes

August 27, 2018


Cardboard moving boxes make great Halloween costume creativity boosters.

Halloween is here and if you’ve just completed a move, you’re no doubt overloaded with empty moving boxes. You’re in luck! McKendree Moving & Storage offers four reasons why moving boxes make great Halloween costumes.

  • They’re versatile: Moving boxes come in a variety of sizes and shapes. So from toddlers to teenagers, you’re sure to find a few that fit their physiques and to match the varied shapes that a particular costume idea calls for. For instance, just three boxes of the same shape but different size stacked one atop the other, painted white and decorated with florals makes a great wedding cake costume.

  • They’re safe: Cardboard boxes are soft and easily collapsible, which is important should your child happen to fall while wearing one. When decorating them with colors, choose a flame-resistant paint.

  • They’re cheap: Seriously. You can’t get much more frugal that a recycled cardboard box.

  • They’re creativity boosters: Sure, you could stop in at your local discount store and pick up any pre-made Halloween costume. But why not take advantage of the holiday as a prime opportunity to encourage some real creativity in your children by letting them design and create their own costumes?

Make Halloween costume creating a fun and exciting family experience – and a great way to make use of all those moving boxes. Be sure to post your pics on theMcKendree Moving & Storage Facebook Fan Page.

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