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Top Tips for Moving During the Holidays

August 27, 2018


There are a few things in life that are simultaneously exciting and monumentally stressful. Among them are holidays and moving to a new home. So, imagine just what a stress-fest it is to move during the holiday season!

No worries – McKendree Moving & Storage has tips to help make your holiday move a smooth one:

  • Prioritize your packing: Before you begin filling boxes and loading up the truck, make a list of all the items you’ll want handy during your holiday. Christmas decorations, family photos and other sentimental items, outfits suitable for holiday parties and, of course, any gifts you’ve already purchased should be boxed and loaded last so that they can be quickly and easily retrieved.

  • Get your paperwork in order: We’re not talking about Christmas wrapping paper. We’re talking about all those forms you’ll need if your children are switching schools, if you have pets that will need new registrations, change of address forms for mailings, etc. Place them in a binder and keep it in easy reach rather than packing it away.

  • Send word: Create Christmas, Hanukkah or New Year’s greeting cards that pull double duty as notification of your address change. Remember to purchase postage stamps before you move and keep them handy.

  • Don’t let the chaos damper your holiday spirit: Moving during the holidays can be particularly tough emotionally. After all, it’s a time when being with family and friends is especially important. Allow your children the time and ability to stay connected with their friends and schoolmates via phone, Skype or social media. Play holiday music while packing and traveling. And fill a small box or bucket with holiday-themed toys, color books, games and other fun stuff to help keep little ones happily occupied throughout the moving process.

Of course, the best way to assure a smooth move during the holidays and any time of the year is to hire a reputable and experienced mover. If you’re moving to or from the Washington, DC area, call McKendree Moving & Storage at 800-530-2626 to arrange your next move today.

From all of us here at McKendree Moving & Storage, have a wondrous holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

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