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Top 10 Reasons Americans Move

August 27, 2018

Future parents in new home

Research shows that American homeowners sell their homes and move to new locales an average of five to seven years. Here are the top 10 reasons behind those decisions.

    1. Upsizing & upgrading: As young couples start or add to their families, they can quickly outgrow their tiny starter homes and opt for bigger homes with more bedrooms. And, as careers and incomes grow, so too does the desire for a bigger, grander, more upscale home – kids or no kids.


    1. Fixing a purchase error: It’s tough to know all there is to know about a home or neighborhood when you first move to a new place. Noise from that railroad track, crazy neighbors or that back yard that turns out to be way too small can prompt the next move sooner than expected.


    1. Job transfers: Sometimes, you just have to go where the money is. That new job offer in another city or state, or simply a desire to spend fewer hours in drive-time traffic can prompt a relocation.


    1. Love: Marrying or moving in with a significant other is a top reason for selling and moving. Of course, so is breaking up or divorcing.


    1. Changes in the neighborhood: Neighborhoods can undergo many changes for better or worse. Economics change, good neighbors move out and less friendly ones move in, once-thriving business districts dwindle. Any of these can send a family packing.


    1. Empty nests: Once the fledglings have flown the coop, many coupes decide to downsize to a smaller, easier-to-clean home or even uproot altogether and travel the globe.


    1. Family issues: Parents and grandparents very often move to be closer to kids and grandchildren. On the other hand, some family experiences are less than harmonious. Often, space between family members can help mend relationships.


    1. Retirement: Senior homeowners increasingly are opting for new homes in active-adult communities that feature golf courses, club houses, workout facilities and full social gathering calendars.


    1. Health issues: Illnesses can prompt moves to communities with specialized hospitals. Plus, as homeowners age, knee and back problems that make it difficult to climb stairs can prompt moves from multi-level houses to one-story homes or to condos or assisted living communities.


    1. Dodging maintenance: Sometimes, it’s easier to move than to replace that aging roof, outdated siding or faulty furnace.


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