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Moving Offices? Here's How To Keep Your Employees Happy

August 27, 2018

Architects working in office Moving a family from one home to another is one thing. Moving an office full of employees who may or may not be happy about relocating is a whole 'nother ball game. And it's not always fun. Statistics from the International Facility Management Association reveal that, "on average, two-thirds of employees who are given the task of managing an office relocation are fired or quit within six months of the move." Don't let that sad stat tank your workplace morale. McKendree Moving & Storage offers these five top tips for ensuring a smooth, productive and (dare we say) happy office move.

  1. Give them warning: The No. 1 worst thing you can do is drop an info bomb on your employees at the last minute. Let them know well in advance that a move is in the works. This allow for any necessary tweaking of your worker's daily goings on. For instance, an employee who lives nearby and bikes to work may suddenly need to buy a vehicle or get familiar with public transportation.
  2. Involve them in them in the planning process: When employees feel they've got a say in the plans, they're more likely to develop a positive outlook on the whole thing. To the extent possible, get their input on just how they envision their new digs. For instance, do they work in cubicles now? A move to the more modern collaborative workspace trend may be a welcome change.
  3. Keep them updated: From the day a planned move is announced, regular and clear communication is crucial. It'll help cultivate excitement about the move and keep them motivated throughout the entire process.
  4. Make a few upgrades: New digs should mean a few shiny new features such as a cool new coffee maker, latte machine, water cooler, ergonomic chairs, a copy machine that won't jam or a break time ping pong table. Even a chic new set of logoed coffee mugs can be a morale booster.
  5. Throw a party: When all the moving-related chaos is done and everyone is settled into the new space, it's time to celebrate with an office-warming party. It'll help solidify the move in your employees' minds. And anyway, you all deserve it.

To help assure all goes smoothly with your next office move to or from the Washington, DC metro area, call McKendree Moving & Storage at 800-530-2626.

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