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Managing A Mid-School Year Move

August 27, 2018

iStock_000047464712_Small-e1448063679525 Holidays often pull double duty as both a time for celebration and a time to make a move. That's because both parents and kids typically have a few days off work or school, minimizing the number unpaid days and time away from studies. But if the move means a change in schools for kids or teens, there is much more to consider than packing and labeling boxes. Here are a few musts for managing a mid-school year move:

  1. First, make sure your children know about the move in advance. Don't spring it on them. They'll need time to adjust to the idea and to spend time with friends before leaving and to share contact information so that they can stay in touch. While social media may soften the blow for teenagers, younger children typically aren't so cyber-connected. But their friendships are no less important.
  2. Notify the office staff at your child's school at least a week prior to your move. This allows them time to gather all documents you'll need to bring to your child's new school, including a listing of completed credits for high school students, class and grade transcripts, and immunization records.
  3. If your child receives specialized educational services due to a special need, it's critical that you get a copy of his or her most recent Individualized Education Program (IEP). This will help ensure that your child will get similar services at the new school and will help teachers devise a new plan that meets local requirements, particularly if your move is to another state.
  4. Contact your child's new school or school district to get information on local schools, programs and services. This is particularly important for high school students whose graduations depend upon completing a minimum number of credits. Note that some credits won't transfer from one state to another or one school to another, depending upon local graduation requirements and offered courses.

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