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Four Top Tips for Choosing the Right Roommate

August 27, 2018

Moving to a new home or apartment often means finding a new roommate – and that's not always an easy task, particularly when your new digs are in a whole new city. McKendree Moving & Storage offers these four fail-proof tips to help assure that your roommate search will be a safe, smooth one.

  1. Get references: Topping all other roommate rules is to do your homework. Ask for and follow up with references including past roommates and past landlords. Former roommates can give you a feel for your prospective roomie's personality and reliability. Former landlords will be able to confirm histories of on-time payments and property conditions.
  2. Get a credit check: While talking with a former landlord is a great start, performing a credit check can lend more assurance when it comes to a prospective roommate's financial background and his or her ability to make rent and utility payments on time. This is particularly important if you plan share costs for phone, cable, internet services or utilities like water and power.
  3. Look over the lease: Before bringing a new roommate into your home or moving into their home, make sure to take a thorough look at the lease. You'll need to make sure that adding a roommate is allowed and understand any financial or property damage risks you'll be expected to accept.
  4. Get some face time: Agreeing to room with someone sight unseen is never a good idea. Plan to meet several times at a safe, neutral location like a nearby restaurant, coffee shop, library or park so that the two of you can get to know each other. If you plan to move into a home that already houses multiple roommates, be sure to meet them as well. A little face time will quickly reveal whether your personalities click.

If your next move takes you to or from the Washington, DC metro area, call 800-530-2626 to schedule a consultation with McKendree Moving & Storage. We can't help you find the right roommate, but we can assure that your relocation will be a smooth one.

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