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Four Tips to Ease the Move to College

August 27, 2018

Leaving home and heading off to college can be an exciting but stressful experience for both students and parents, particularly if your chosen institution is miles away from mom’s home cooking and dad’s daily dose of well-intentioned advice. McKendree Moving & Storage offers four tips for making this coming-of-age move a bit less hectic.


    1. Plan it out: College dormitories typically are small spaces, so developing an effective layout for your belongings is crucial for both your comfort and your roommates’ comfort. The first step is to be choosy about what you’ll bring with you and what you’ll leave behind. A compact bureau may work beautifully in your space, but Grandma’s huge antique armoire won’t. Keep your haul to a minimum and study up on tips and tricks for maximizing usage of small spaces.


    1. Avoid the rush: If possible, schedule a mid-week move rather than waiting for the weekend, as Saturdays and Sundays will no doubt be busy moving days. Moving in on a slow day means you’ll be able to get in and out more quickly, rather than standing in line with armloads of boxes.


    1. Wait to decorate: We know you’re anxious to hang that velvet Elvis and give your space a little personal flair. We suggest you wait. First, getting your larger furniture in place will make decorating far easier. Plus, a chat with your new dorm mates to decide on an overall look that you’ll all love will go a long way in forging an amicable relationship early on.


    1. Go pro: Even if you believe you’ve got a light enough load to move yourself, hiring a professional mover can prove a huge help. Are several of your friends heading off to the same college? Why not consolidate your efforts and have the pros move all of you in the same run? You’ll save costs, time and energy.


If you’re leaving the nest, but remaining in the Washington DC metro area to study, McKendree Moving & Storage can help. Contact our Waldorf, MD location at 301-932-9981 or our La Plata office at 703-538-1747.

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