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Five Top Tips for Settling Into Your New Community

August 27, 2018

iStock_000042678358_Large-e1437184273528 When the furniture's all in place, the boxes are unpacked and you've let all your acquaintances know you've got a new address, it's time get outside and see your new community. McKendree Moving & Storage offer these five top ways to do just that:

  1. Explore: Area hotels, corner stores, the local library or the visitor's bureau no doubt will have brochures and walking maps detailing the most interesting sights around time, including historic spots, parks, shopping districts and eateries. Pick up some material and head out for a tour.
  2. Join a club: A new community means lots of opportunity for meeting new friends. Check out local meet-up groups, clubs and organizations that focus on your particular hobbies or career goals. You're bound to build relationships with people who have shared interests.
  3. Learn something new: New digs call for new experiences. Check with the community college or other organizations that offer lessons subjects that interest you. Gourmet cooking, salsa dancing, rock climbing, pottery making, chess playing, there's no limit to the ways you can broaden your horizons.
  4. Volunteer: Perhaps the best way to learn about your new community is to jump in and get your hands dirty in a good way. Find a local organization that serves a cause you love and get involved. Visiting residents at a nursing home, walking dogs at the local pet shelter or reading to kids at the library all are great volunteer opportunities you'll find in any city
  5. Freshen up your look: Get a new look to complement your new surroundings. A top choice is a chic new hairstyle. After all, hairdressers always know all the good chatter about town.

Starting fresh in a new community is always exciting. Take a little initiative and you'll soon feel right at home.

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