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Five Tips for Toddler-Proofing Your Move

August 27, 2018

iStock_000022700360_Large-e1434747996582 Moving can be stressful enough. Toss in a toddler or two and the words 'organized chaos' take on a whole new meaning. Best case scenario, your lively little one has a prior engagement on moving day (A play date with a trusted friend or crashing at Grandma's house for a spell). But if he or she will tag along tor the move, you'll need to make a few extra precautions for both your child's safety and your sanity.

  1. Mind the sharp and breakable stuff: Knives, forks, glassware, dishes or anything else that has points, sharp edges or can shatter when dropped poses a potential puncture or laceration hazard to your child.
  2. Mind the meds: Medications, particularly prescription drugs, often are packed and transported in a way that keeps them handy. But if you can reach them, your toddler may be able to as well. Pack them in tightly sealed containers that can't be easily opened by a curious little one and keep them well out of reach.
  3. Mind the topple-prone items: Tall items like floor lamps, book shelves and speakers can easily topple over when in the path of a wily toddler. Make sure they're safely secured both during the move and when set in place at your new home.
  4. Mind the moving supplies: Many supplies used on the day of the move can prove dangerous to toddlers. These include scissors or box cutters used to open moving boxes and surface cleaners, like bleach, used to wipe down floors, windows and other surfaces.
  5. Mind the door: Moving furniture and boxes out of your old home and into your new one involves lots of opening and propping doors. And anyone with a toddler knows they can scoot out of sight in seconds flat. Make sure your little one is supervised and happily occupied while doorways are open.

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