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Five Fab Pre-Move In Clean Up Tips

August 27, 2018

Close-up ? So you've closed on the deal and you're headed to your new digs soon. Of course, a clean start should begin with a clean house, so get yourself into spring cleaning mode and try these five fab pre-move tips from McKendree Moving & Storage.

  1. Clean first, then move: Cleaning an empty house is a whole lot easier, faster and more effective than attempting to clean while climbing over and maneuvering around furniture and stacks of moving boxes. Schedule accordingly.
  2. Start at the top: Begin your cleanup with a long-handled duster, hitting the ceiling, light fixtures, topsides of ceiling fans, door and window trim and other raised flat surfaces first. Dust and dirt that your duster doesn't trap will fall to the floor and can easily be swept or vacuumed along with whatever's already mucking up your new floors.
  3. Hit the 'Big 3' first: Moving is exhausting and, in case you don't get through all your cleaning in one fell swoop, you'll want to make sure to first cover the basic Big 3 - the places where you'll eat, sleep and do your business. The kitchen, the master bedroom and one full bathroom are the upfront musts, particularly if there's a chance the whole family will be roughing it the first night or two.
  4. Go deep: A deep clean includes moving and cleaning beneath any and all large appliances already in the home. That great refrigerator, dishwasher and laundry set that came with the home are great, but you'll want to clear away any previously accumulated gunk before you start adding your own from daily use of your new appliances.
  5. Do the right thing: And by 'the right thing', we mean cleaning up after yourself, so whomever moves in after you can start with a clean slate, too. Sure, they'll likely do their own cleaning, but if you're a believer in karma, you'll rack up a few points by making their job easier. Plus, if you're renting your current space, it may mean the difference in getting your security deposit back or losing it.

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