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Difficult Items to Pack and Move

August 27, 2018


Grandfather clocks are among the most difficult home items to move. Let McKendree Moving & Storage handle it for you.

Moving is a chore, of that there is no doubt. While the grand piano on the third floor is weighing on your mind, there are probably other items in your home that are just as tricky to move than that piano.

All those little fragile things

People fill their home with all kinds of items that are special. Maybe they hold sentimental value or are rare and valuable. How do you move those items? The best solution is to start with a plan. Gather all of the necessary tools to do the job right. Since there is no room for error, you might want to call in a professional. Someone who may know tricks and tips of which the average mover may not be aware. Any moving job becomes a lot easier when you have access to the right tools. In this case special boxes, tissue and maybe even bubble wrap.

Things that require special permits

Did you know that in some areas, you cannot move certain plants? Guns are another item that can be difficult to move. Ammunition and or explosives are another thing that are difficult to move. In fact, moving companies are prohibited from moving hazardous material, ammunition or explosives. If you have items that are questionable, talk with a moving professional. A high-quality moving company will be very informed about the laws and regulations regarding moving special items.

Heirlooms and special furniture

It may not be a huge item, but that table you inherited from your grandmother is in perfect condition, and you’d like it to remain that way. Those kinds of items cannot be replaced, and they need to be moved with care. That collection of depression glass that you have been adding to for decades is fragile. Did you know that when you pack dishes that they should be packed vertical rather than horizontally? The reason being is that the weight of the upper dishes can cause the bottom dishes to break. Packing them vertically, reduces the weight on each dish and diminishes the risk of fracturing.

Moving does not have to be a horrible chore. With a little planning, the right tools and an expert mover, every move can be stress-free and easier on you. About that piano on the third floor, we’ve got it for you. Call McKendree Moving & Storage with two locations in the Washington, DC metro area  at 1-800-530-2626.

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