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5 Reasons Not to Ask Your Friends to Help You Move

August 27, 2018


We’ve all received or (admit it) made that dreaded phone call – The one that promises pizza and drinks in exchange for a few hours of help moving a buddy’s entire lot of earthly possessions from one locale to another. Best case scenario, this typically involves a pickup truck, lots of rope and bungee cords and a few bruises. Worst case, you save a few bucks but bust a years-long friendship for good.

Here at McKendree Moving & Storage, we’ve heard all the horror stories and humbly provide these these five top reasons NOT to ask your buddies to help you move:

They’re not reliable: Seriously. You love your buds to the moon and back. But if they’re not getting paid with a stack of bills, they’re likely to call in with any of a range of creative excuses – a busted alarm clock, a surprise headache or a demanding girlfriend who needs you to fix her leaky faucet instead.


    1. They don’t have what it takes – literally: A safe, timely and properly handled move takes a certain variety of equipment and supplies including dollies, furniture straps, panel carts, etc. Chances are your friends don’t have them and the costs to buy or rent them can add up quickly.


    1. They don’t have insurance: If they damage your stuff, you’re left with the cost.


    1. They can hurt themselves: Speaking of insurance (or the lack thereof), you may be on the hook legally and financially if a friend suffers an injury while helping you move.


    1. They’ll expect payback: Oh, yes. A friend may forget every other poignant moment of your years-long relationship but will remember helping you move for eternity. And when he or she decides to move, too – you’ll be the first to get that reciprocal phone call.


Clearly, having your buddies help you move may save you a few bucks in the short run, but could end up costing you big should a mishap occur. Save some time, stress and your friendship by calling in the pros instead. Call McKendree Moving & Storage at 800-530-2626.

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