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10 Top Facts and Stats on Moving in America

August 27, 2018

Americans are constantly on the move and we don't mean to work, to the gym or to the mall. Thousands of people living in the United States pack up and relocate to new homes every single day. Check out these facts and stats on "moving" in America:

  1. One of every six Americans moves each year.
  2. One third of all renters move each year.
  3. Westward ho! People living in the west tend to move the most, while their counterparts to the northeast tend to stay put for longer.
  4. The average American moves 11.7 times during his or her lifetime.
  5. 100,200,000 people in the US (nearly a third of the nation's population) live in a different place than they did five years ago.
  6. Government or military relocation prompts 18 percent of moves in America.
  7. 40 percent of moves are for job-related reasons.
  8. And the remaining 42 percent of moves are for personal reasons, including being in love.
  9. 61 percent of movers relocate within the same county, while 9.3 percent take it a bit further, moving at least 500 miles away.
  10. 31 percent of people choose a neighborhood based on its proximity to their workplace.

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