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10 States That Pay Teachers the Most

Teacher helping students

Teachers arguably are among the most important people in our lives, whether you realized it or not while growing up and mucking your way through the academic and social rigors of elementary, middle and high school. Yet, they’re also among the lowest paid of all college graduates. In fact, according to a recent study by the Economic Policy Institute, teachers earn just 77 percent of what other college graduates are making on a national average.

Thankfully, teaching also remains a popular career choice, probably because it’s largely a labor of love. But love won’t pay the bills, so if you’re considering a career in education, you’ll want to seek out locales that offer the best pay.

According to the EPI study, these are the 10 states where you’ll make the most as a teacher:

  1. New York – Average teacher salary $77,957
  2. Massachusetts – Average teacher salary $76,981
  3. Washington, DC – Average teacher salary $75,810
  4. California – Average teacher salary $72,842
  5. Connecticut – Average teacher salary $72,013
  6. New Jersey – Average teacher salary $69,330
  7. Alaska – Average teacher salary $67,443
  8. Maryland – Average teacher salary $66,482
  9. Rhode Island – Average teacher salary $66,197
  10. Pennsylvania – Average teacher salary $64,991

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