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Five Top Tips For Moving Wine


Novelist and poet Robert Louis Stevenson said it best – “Wine is bottled poetry.” But poetry in motion is a much less unnerving thought than your wine collection on the move to your new home. If you’re looking to relocate, McKendree Moving & Storage offers these top tips on safely moving your wine collection.

  1. Plan ahead: The extent of your preplanning depends largely upon the size of your collection and the distance of your move. Heading across town is one thing. But with each mile, the risk of losing a good portion of your vino increases, especially if you’ll cross state lines (more on that later). Arrangements involved may include range from creating an insulated space in your vehicle for small collections to hiring a temperature-controlled moving truck if you’ll move a wine cellar’s worth. You’ll also need to carefully plan to timing of your move. Planning for a springtime of autumn move is far preferable, as you’ll want to avoid the extreme summer and winter temperatures. Ideally, wine should be kept at around 55 degrees throughout a move.
  2. Pack wisely: Top priority in packing wine is to make sure you’ve got adequate cushioning to avoid breakage. Skip bottles that have been opened and pack them on their sides or upside down to keep corks moist. Also make a point to label them so that movers know its fragile cargo.
  3. Check with the locals: Will you move take you across state or county lines? Be mindful that some states and counties have varying laws that govern just how much alcohol is allowed to be transported or brought in for personal use. Call ahead to check the requirements along your route.
  4. Appraise and Insure: If your vino collection is sizeable, consider getting it appraised and insured with both written and photographic documentation. This will assure that your financial losses will be covered in the case of an accident or incident that damages or destroys your collection. You can find a qualified wine appraiser via your local wine sellers and clubs.
  5. Avoid bottle shock: Wrapping up a move can be cause for celebration. But don’t be tempted to pop the cork on one of your own bottles just yet. Opening wine too soon after it’s been jostled in transit can result in what’s known as “bottle shock,” an unfortunate loss of flavor. Instead, allow your collection to rest a bit (seven days of rest for each day of transport is recommended) and take the opportunity to check out one of the wine shops or restaurants in your new hometown.

Make sure your move is a smooth as a sip of your best vintage red by calling McKendree Moving & Storage at 800-530-2626.

5 States Where Residents Get the Biggest Returns on Their Tax Dollars

tax time

Tax season is here! Not exactly everyone’s favorite time of year. Unfortunately, taxes are a fact of life in America. But when properly used, those revenues can make a difference in quality of life for citizens. Of course, some states make better use of tax dollars than others. According to a new report by Wallethub, a personal finance website, these five states offer the overall highest return on residents’ tax dollars:

  1. New Hampshire
  2. South Dakota
  3. Florida
  4. Virginia
  5. Alaska

The top states were chosen based on combined analysis of 23 key metrics in the categories of education, health, safety, economy, infrastructure and pollution. But other states clearly stood out when looking at those categories independently. For instance, Massachusetts boasted the best school systems; Utah the best hospitals; Connecticut the highest water quality; Vermont the lowest crime rate and New Hampshire the lowest percentage of residents in poverty. Arizona and Minnesota tied for the best roads and bridges.

Take a look at the interactive map below to see how your current or prospective home state ranks in tax dollar ROI. And if you plan a move to or from the Washington, DC metropolitan area, call McKendree Moving & Storage at 800-530-2626 to speak with a relocation expert today.

Source: WalletHub