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20 Items to Toss Before You Move

Mom and son decluttering

If you’re planning a move to a new home, one of the top ways to ease the process is to declutter before you begin packing. After all, new digs mean a new start, and there’s no reason to hang on to anything that won’t have an active role in your new life.

To help you get started, McKendree Moving & Storage recommends these 20 items to toss or donate today:

  1. Items still in boxes from your last move
  2. Magazines or books you’ve never read or wont’ read again
  3. Clothes that you haven’t worn in a year
  4. Never-worn clothes that still have price tags
  5. Clothes your kids have outgrown
  6. Toys your kids haven’t played with in ages
  7. Gifts you received but never used
  8.  Projects you started but never finished
  9. Expired food items
  10. Expired medications
  11. Tax-related paperwork and receipts more than seven years old
  12. Anything broken, torn or otherwise busted
  13. Anything you’ve got too much or too many of
  14. Anything that won’t fit the style of your new home’s décor
  15. Old product boxes
  16. Takeout menus, especially if you’re moving to a new town
  17. Cheesy specialty coffee mugs
  18. Outdated technology (You know you still have a floppy disk or cassette tape hanging around)
  19. Knick-knacky souvenirs and touristy t-shirts
  20. Rusty tools

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Top 20 Cities That Promise a Fat Paycheck

san jose california dtAmong the top reasons that individuals, couples and families pack up and move to new cities is a new job, promotion or job transfer that promises a bigger paycheck and higher quality of life. If you’re considering a career move that means relocating to another city, the US News & World Reports’ latest ranking of the best places to live in America offers a few suggestions.

Researchers gathered data on the 100 most populous US cities, ranking them from top to bottom based on a variety of factors including cost of living, quality of schools and healthcare, and access to well-paying jobs. For purposes of this blog post, however, we looked primarily at each city’s media annual salary to help you best pinpoint a potential new hometown with the highest chances of a paycheck boost.

Here are the top 20 cities, along with their median annual salary figures:

  1. San Jose, California – $75,770
  2. San Francisco, California – $64,990
  3. Washington, DC – $64,930
  4. Boston, Massachusetts – $60,540
  5. New York City, New York – $59,060
  6. Seattle, Washington – $57,370
  7. Hartford, Connecticut – $55,580
  8. New Haven, Connecticut – $53,350
  9. Denver, Colorado – $53,060
  10. San Diego, California – $53,020
  11. Los Angeles, California – $53,000
  12. Baltimore, Maryland – $52,460
  13. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota – $52,080
  14. Sacramento, California – $51,970
  15. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – $51,740
  16. Worcester, Massachusetts – $51,330
  17. Houston, Texas – $50,830
  18. Portland, Oregon – $50,710
  19. Chicago, Illinois – $50,410
  20. Santa Rosa, California – $49,800

If you’re considering a residential move and/or planning to relocate your business to or from the Washington, DC metropolitan area, call 800-530-2626 and speak with a moving specialist with McKendree Moving & Storage’s Waldorf, Elkridge or La Plata locations.