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If you’re starting the New Year in a new residence, congratulations! While all your friends are yacking about the same ol’ resolutions they swore to keep this time last year (lose weight, save money, kick the habit, etc.) you’ll enjoy making a list of a different set of resolutions designed to assure you’ll soon be feeling right at home.

McKendree Moving & Storage offer these five top resolutions for your new abode:

  1. Streamline your stuff. Commit to go clutter-free in your new space. Start by packing only the things that are necessities or that mean most to you. If you can’t imagine enjoying it in your new home, pack it up for your local charity instead.
  2. Go easy on the energy. New homes typically mean new appliances. Choose those with the Energy Star logo to help assure you’ll conserve energy and save money. Also opt for low-flow showerheads, low-e windows and an old-fashioned clothes line. If you plan to landscape your new yard, place shade trees on the east and west sides of your home to block the sun and keep cooling bills at a minimum.
  3. Set an easy weekly cleaning schedule and stick to it.
  4. New communities mean new friends. Make your home entertainment-ready by designing with a few conversation pieces (like a unique sculpture or painting), furniture arranged for conversation and a great outdoor living space.
  5. Consider a pet. After all, statistics show that having a four-legged friend offers multiple health benefits. Plus, who doesn’t love being greeted with a toothy grin and a wagging tail when coming home.

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Are you approaching retirement and considering spending your newfound freedom in different surroundings? Bankrate, a leading financial publication, recently published is list of the 10 best places US cities for retirees. Researchers combed through data on 196 American cities and towns, grading each on a myriad of factors including walkability, cost of living, crime rate, health care quality, tax rates and weather, along with a specialized wellness score for seniors from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.

The results showed that seniors love Arizona. The state made three showings in the top 10 with Mesa leading the pack, followed by Prescott and Tuscon.

Mesa took the number one spot among the 10, offering bright skies, mild winters, a relatively low cost of living, a myriad of cultural attractions and a high degree of overall well-being, according to Healthways.

Arlington, Virginia ranked second with more than 100 mile of trails, bike lanes and urban walking routes, a low crime rate, ample public transportation and one of the nation’s better health care systems.

Third on the overall list was the quaint Prescott, Arizona. Its motto, “Welcome to everybody’s hometown” proves appropriate, as the town offers minimal traffic, mild winters, 450 miles of recreational trails and a distinct “know-your-neighbor” vibe, researchers say.

The full top 10 list is as follows:

  1. Mesa, Arizona
  2. Arlington, Virginia
  3. Prescott, Arizona
  4. Tuscon, Arizona
  5. Des Moines, Iowa
  6. Denver, Colorado
  7. Austin, Texas
  8. Cape Coral, Florida
  9. Colorado Springs, Colorado
  10. Franklin, Tennessee

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