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Tips for Packing Electronics for a Move


Cord, cords, cords everywhere! If you’re planning a move from one home or office to another, no doubt you’re about to be inundated with cords and wires and plugs aplenty. After all, according to the Consumer Electronics Association, the average American household has at least 24 electronic products each. McKendree Moving & Storage offers tips for packing them in a way that eases setup in your new home or office.

First, dig out those manufacturers’ / users’ guides and check for any special moving instructions. If they’ve long ago hit the trash or recycling bins or simply disappeared, no worries. Chances are you can download or request a new one with a quick online search.

If you happen to have the original product packaging that your electronics came in, use it. Not only is it already configured for that particular product, but it’ll make it easier to quickly identify among the dozens of identical moving boxes. If you don’t have the original packaging, use a double-walled box slightly larger than the piece of equipment you’re moving.

Before disconnecting any wires or plugs, mark the wire or cable and the port you’re removing it from with adhesive labels. This will make it far easier to decipher which cord goes with which piece of equipment. Use twist ties to carefully secure the cables so they don’t unravel and place them inside a sealable bag and tape the bag to the piece of equipment.

If your electronic features parts that easily disconnect or could break, disassemble the device for easier, safer packing. If it’s a bit complicated, write down step-by-step instructions so you’ll remember how to reassemble your electronics later. Keep those instructions inside the box with the equipment.

If you’re moving a printer that uses toner or ink cartridges, remove and store them in sealable bags or you may be in for a colorful mess.

When moving computers, DVD players, CD players and the like, remove all media first and pack them separately to prevent damage to both. Keep in mind that CDs and software can’t tolerate high temperatures, so consider carrying them with you rather than packing them away on a moving truck.

When packing electronics, always use antistatic packing bubbles or popcorn. Take care not to use materials that will conduct electricity, as this could damage your electronics during handling. Place the largest and heaviest electronics on the bottom and fill all open spaces with packing material so nothing rattles or shifts during transport. Carefully seal and mark boxes as to the contents. It’s also a good idea to write the word “fragile” or something to that effect on the box as a reminder to movers to take extra caution.

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Five Tips for Toddler-Proofing Your Move


Moving can be stressful enough. Toss in a toddler or two and the words “organized chaos” take on a whole new meaning. Best case scenario, your lively little one has a prior engagement on moving day – A play date with a trusted friend or crashing at Grandma’s house for a spell. But if he or she will tag along tor the move, you’ll need to make a few extra precautions for both your child’s safety and your sanity.

  1. Mind the sharp and breakable stuff: Knives, forks, glassware, dishes or anything else that has points, sharp edges or can shatter when dropped poses a potential puncture or laceration hazard to your child.
  2. Mind the meds: Medications, particularly prescription drugs, often are packed and transported in a way that keeps them handy. But if you can reach them, your toddler may be able to as well. Pack them in tightly sealed containers that can’t be easily opened by a curious little one and keep them well out of reach.
  3. Mind the topple-prone items: Tall items like floor lamps, book shelves and speakers can easily topple over when in the path of a wily toddler. Make sure they’re safely secured both during the move and when set in place at your new home.
  4. Mind the moving supplies: Many supplies used on the day of the move can prove dangerous to toddlers. These include scissors or box cutters used to open moving boxes and surface cleaners, like bleach, used to wipe down floors, windows and other surfaces.
  5. Mind the door: Moving furniture and boxes out of your old home and into your new one involves lots of opening and propping doors. And anyone with a toddler knows they can scoot out of sight in seconds flat. Make sure your little one is supervised and happily occupied while doorways are open.

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