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How to Pack Plates for a Move


Preparing for a move? McKendree Moving & Storage offers tips for safety and effectively packing your plates and flatware.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A medium size box
  • Sheets of plain newsprint
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • A permanent marker

Here’s what you do: 

Choose a sturdy, medium sized box the bottom and four sides with bubble wrap. Place a stack of newsprint nearby, making sure that sheets are large enough to accommodate your plates.

Place a plate in the center of the top sheet and fold one corner of the newsprint over the plate, assuring that the plate is completely covered. Place a second plate atop the first, and cover it with each of the remaining three corners of the newsprint, then secure the newsprint with packing tape.

Place the two plates in the box on their side, rather than flat on the bottom. Why? Because if the box encounters any kind of force, plates standing on their edge will sustain far more pressure without breaking than will plates stacked flat.

Repeat with the remaining plates until your box is tightly packed. Keep in mind that plates of different sizes and designs will vary in weight. Make sure to choose box sizes accordingly, so that a packed box won’t be too heavy to safely and easily carry. The maximum weight should not surpass about 50 pounds.

Once the box is fully packed, cover the top of plates with another sheet of bubble wrap, folding and tucking the edges snugly around the plates. If extra room remains, fill it with linens or towels so that the top of the box won’t collapse if something heavy is placed atop it. Close and seal the box tightly, then label it with a brief note identifying the box’s contents and the room where it will go in your new home (kitchen or dining room, for instance). It’s also a good idea to write the word “fragile” or “breakable” on the box, so that anyone who handles it knows to take extra caution.

Don’t leave your dishware or other breakables to chance. Order high-quality packing supplies online or leave it the packing to the pros. McKendree Moving & Storage in the metro Washington, DC area offers a full range of packing supplies and services. Call 800-530-2626 to learn more.

Binding vs. Non-Binding Moving Services Agreements – Know the Difference

Smiling woman sign on a contrat with her partnership on sofa at office

Choosing a moving company is a bit of a leap of faith. After all, unless you happen to personally know a mover, you’re putting most or all of your hard-earned earthly possessions in the hands of a perfect stranger. That’s why having a solid contract in place – and knowing just what that contract entails – is critical.

Most offer two types of agreements – binding or nonbinding. Here are the primary differences between the two:

  • Nonbinding: A nonbinding moving services agreement simply gives you a ballpark estimate as to how much your move will cost. It’s primarily based on the mover’s estimate of the size of your current home and its contents, and how far you’re moving. Once you have a written nonbinding estimate in hand, law caps charges at 10 percent higher than the initial estimate.
  • Binding: A binding estimate is a legal document that clearly and definitively describes the charges for your move. By law, the figures cannot be changed unless you request significant added services. For instance, if the movers are unaware that your new home is located on the third floor of a condominium building that lacks a freight elevator, forcing them to climb multiple flights of stairs.

Before signing on the dotted line, your best bet is to shop around. Experts recommend getting at least three estimates. Be sure to ask lots of questions and let your prospective provider know all the pertinent details of your move. One common mistake is in underestimating the mileage between homes that are a long distance apart, resulting in added fuel surcharges.

If you’re planning a move to or from the Washington, DC metro-area, make sure that McKendree Moving & Storage is on your list of prospective providers. We offer a full range of services and operate seven days a week. Call 800-530-2626 to schedule an estimate consultation today.